Pet Boarding with PetBacker

Pet Boarding with PetBacker is a totally different experience where your pet stays at a pet lovers home, with a loving person always by their side to play and even sleep with. Compared with staying in a cage in pet hotels, your pet will appreciate the attention and care that only pet hosts with PetBacker can provide.

Our pet hosts can accomodate any type of pets which include dog boarding, cat boarding amongst many others. Some of the reason why booking a stay for your pet with PetBacker is the right choice are:

Ideal para su animale

Amantes de animalescomprometidos, no una jaula.
Atención y cuidado personalizado
Estancia en un hogar cercano al suyo
Estancia en un entorno familiar

Genial para ti.

Compare las ofertas de 5 cuidadores al instante
Reserva online
Actualizaciones diarias con fotos y chat
Servicio de atención al cliente siempre a su disposición
Protección de pagos

Confianza y Seguridad

Perfiles que han sido revisados
Opiniones y valoraciones de trabajos anteriores
Una comunidad de amantes de las animales
Comunicación directa en la plataforma
Mascotas aseguradas

What is PET WALK?

PetWalk is a new application offered by PetBacker that can track your walking or running activities with your pets.

PetWalk can also be treated as your personal training or exercise as it will keep track of your daily records on the route that was used, distance travelled, and many more.

WHAT do you need to do?

Pet Boarding PetBacker


Select a route for the walk that is dog friendly. Do not walk your dog on a noisy path if your dog hates noise

Pet Sitting PetBacker


The Basics that you need are leash and harness, poop bags and consideration for otheres

Dog Walking Petbacker


Pay attention to your dog and what he/she is doing. Also pay attention if other dogs or people are approaching

Dog Walking Petbacker


Your dog deserves a tasty treat, especially when he/she was being obedient during the walking journey